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All-Scapes Property Maintenance

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The All-Scapes Commitment

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Complete Property Maintenance Services

All-Scapes’ professional crews arrive promptly for service at the same time every week. Not only will they conduct the agreed upon weekly services, but they will also inspect for any natural problems that may arise, such as a fungus in the lawn or mites in the shrubbery.

Attention to detail and timing are key for maintaining the health of your plants and lawn. When a problem is noticed, our licensed and trained professionals will either address the issue promptly, or notify the property owner of the recommended action and quickly see it through. We send out the same crew members each week so as to ensure that they have a first-hand, working knowledge of your property and will be better able to respond comprehensively to it’s developing needs.

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Our fertilization applications are timed around the mowing schedule as well as the weather. This helps ensure maximum nutrient benefit for the lawn and plants. If one company is mowing and another company fertilizing, your landscape can fall victim to unfortunate timing. For example, the fertilizer could go down one day and get mowed up the next before it had time to provide nutrients to your lawn.

All-Scapes understand that landscaping is an integrated process, which is precisely why having All-Scapes take care of ALL of your landscaping needs allows your property to flourish in ways you’ve always dreamed. Our property maintenance programs are unique to your property and designed so that you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space.